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Civil Law / Property and Real Rights / Leases and Condominiums / Cultural Heritage  / Damage compensation / Credit recovery / Family law / Contracts / Commercial law


Civil Law


Consultancy and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, specialized in the sectors, of activity in particular, civil law, family law, rental law, commercial law and particular attention to credit recovery, compensation for damages, from road traffic.

Recovery of consumer credit and loans granted both by banks and by financial, leasing and factoring intermediaries.
In the matter of operations of relief and sale, merger, division and liquidation of companies

Family Law


Legal and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in matters of personal rights.


Consultancy for the protection of offspring and parental law.


Proceedings before the Tutelary Judge.

Advice on the establishment of Asset Funds.

Debt Collection

In the field of credit recovery in the interest of commercial companies and credit institutions of primary importance throughout the national territory, both towards private individuals and public bodies.


The survey and / or patrimonial report as a preliminary action.


Advice in the evaluation of the opportunity to proceed, balanced by the equity consistency (movable and immovable property subject to registration resulting in the name of the debtor).


We take care of the entire monitoring and executive phase: Reminders for payment / Injunctive decree / Precept / Foreclosure / Sale.

Property Law

Consultancy and assistance for the protection of real rights on movable and immovable property and universality of furniture.
Assistance in investments involving real estate.
Protection and protection of real estate investments.

Assessment and protection of property.


Establishment of easements and other rights in rem on immovable property.
Disputes relating to funds and injections.

Protection of 


We take care of the entire out-of-court phase, starting from the written complaint and sent to the defaulting manager, up to the attempt at conciliation before the Regional Committees for Communications, totally free, where, in most cases, the procedure ends with success.


In most cases, our intervention guaranteed that the user was restored in less than 30h, while in all cases the disservice ceased within 72h.


Many business owners have turned to us for problems related to the interruption of the telephone or internet service, which has triggered a slowdown in the production flow such as to cause economic damage due to lost customers, new activations and additional expenses.

Art lawyer


The Costi law firm has been in contact for some time with the main national and international museums and auction houses.

It makes use of the collaboration of experts and well-known art historians who represent an added value due to their skills.

The consultancy is aimed at the enhancement and evaluation of the works as well as their historical-scientific authenticity.

Assistance in all phases of the import and export procedure of the works and the preparation of all the documentation required by international buyers for the purchase of paintings of significant cultural interest made by famous masters of the past, modern and contemporary. 

  Understanding the customer's need by establishing direct, personal and confidential contact.

Provide clients with clarity and prior information on the best defensive strategy, bearing in mind the risks.


Transparency regarding the costs of the requested services.

The firm operates through its own network of correspondents which allows it to assist the client in court in any part of Italy.

The management of the practices of the firm  it is fully computerized; we continuously monitor the main events, as well as the presentation of graphic cards relating to individual acts and communications to customers in real time.



Daniele Costi lawyer - Attorney in the Supreme Court

Stefano Diamanti / Giuseppe Bandinu  /  Attorney Potito Flagella  /   Attorney Filippo Adriano Costi  /  Lawyer Francesco Lorenzo Costi  /  Dr. Martina Margaglio  /  Dr. Antonella Paris / Dr. Alberto De Marco


OF COUNSEL: Fiscal and Tax Authorities - Dr. Giacinto Sabellotti  /  Artwork  -  Maurizio Fiorilli lawyer  (formerly Deputy Advocate General of the State Advocacy) 


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